Course Selection for 2024 – 2025
for Students Entering Grade 9

Welcome to EMCS!

The information on this page provides the information you need to make informed choices for Grade 9.  Please contact EMCS School Counsellors if you have any questions.  We are looking forward to having you join us in September. 

How Many Courses Do Students Select for Grade 9?

  • 9 “primary” requests
  • 3 “alternate” (back-up) requests.   Students may be scheduled in an alternate course if they are unable to take one of their primary elective choices due to class size limits, class conflicts, etc.
  • Plus any additional “outside timetable” classes (Band, Leadership, Choir, Theatre Production) which take place after school and/or at lunch.

Making Informed Choices

Students should select courses based on their interests and abilities rather than based on what their friends are selecting.  It is important that students read through the course descriptions in the Course Selection Booklet with their parents/guardians so they make informed choices.  The EMCS schedule is built based on student course requests and it is very difficult to make changes to student schedules in September.

French 9 and Spanish 9 are electives students may wish to consider.  Please keep in mind that a second language to the Grade 11 level is required for direct entry into the University of BC and Simon Fraser University.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to talk to their child’s Grade 8 teacher about things like:

  • is Introductory Math 9 recommended?
  • is a second language recommended?

Do You Have Questions?

Please contact EMCS School Counsellors if you have any questions about course selection.

Your current Grade 8 teachers are also a good source of support and will be able to offer advice and answer many of your questions about course selection.

Course Selection Steps

1.  Read the Grade 9 Course Selection Booklet 2024-2025

2.  Fill in your Course Planning Worksheet and turn it in to your Grade 8 teacher by February 12.

3.  Read the MyEd Student Portal Instructions.  Log in to your MyEdBC Student Portal account using the MyEducationBC link below and select your courses.  The course selection feature in your Student Portal account will be available between February 5 and February 23.


  • Select 9 primary requests.
  • Select any additional “outside timetable courses” you would like (optional).
  • Select 3 alternate requests.  These must be different from your primary requests.

EMCS Online Learning

Visit the Online Learning section of the EMCS website for information.  Students wishing to take an online course in Grade 9, please have a parent/guardian contact the appropriate EMCS School Counsellor.

Grade 9 Blended Learning Program

Families with children in Grade 9 have the option to enroll their child in a blended learning program for the 2024/2025 school year. Blended learning is a mix of online and face to face learning and is offered through SD62’s Online Learning School. This program is an option for full-time Grade 9 students.  Please note that students in the Blended Learning program will NOT be registered in classes at EMCS.

Program Highlights:

  • Full time program that follows the school year
  • Four days online, one day in-person
  • Full curriculum covered
  • Morning instruction with independent learning time in the afternoon
  • Location for in-person learning will vary based on activities planned for the day
  • Morning and afternoon check ins with teacher
  • Students with Inclusive Education Plans (IEPs) will receive support to help them meet their IEP goals.

For more information, including how to register, visit:  SD62 Online School Blended Learning