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Scholarship/Bursary Lessons on Video from Mr. Phipps

Posted Feb. 7, 2021:  Scholarship & Bursary Lesson (approx. 45 min)  

Posted March 16, 2021:  How to Win a $1250 District Scholarship
Our District is awarding 114 of these scholarships! This video shows you exactly what to do to win! And, you do NOT have to be a top academic student!

Scholarship / Bursary Update 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for SCHOOL and LOCAL scholarships/bursaries, we ask that students submit applications electronically using the portfolio feature in myBlueprint (preferred method) or by emailing applications as PDFs .  For students without access to technology, we will accept applications in paper format.  

For information and special instructions for submitting your applications click here. 

Have questions?  Please email Allan Phipps at aphipps@sd62.bc.ca. 

Attendance Matters

Please remember that your school attendance will usually be considered as part of your scholarship and bursary applications. Even if applications do not ask about attendance, any teachers you ask to write reference letters  will likely check your attendance.  Please make sure that parents/guardians contact the office to excuse your absences if you miss school for a legitimate reason.  Absences should be excused in a timely manner. 

How to Apply for Scholarships and Bursaries

Step 1: Read the EMCS Financial Aid Handbook
Read the EMCS Financial Aid Handbook  (updated April 10, 2021).  Reading this handbook is the first step for those interested in applying for scholarships and bursaries.

Step 2: Explore the EMCS Awards Database
Look over the EMCS Awards Database (updated June 8, 2021).  This database is updated throughout the year so check back often.  Make a list of the awards for which you’ll apply.

Step 3: Aboriginal Students…
See the scholarship section of the EMCS Aboriginal Education webpage

Step 4: Do More Research
Research other awards using the various websites listed in the EMCS Financial Aid Handbook.  Some websites you should be sure to check are:
Scholarships Canada
Education Planner BC
Scholar Tree
School Finder

Students with disabilities should visit the following sites:
Cerebral Palsy Association of BC    This site has links to many scholarships and bursaries for students with disabilities.
Disability Awards   This site is a scholarship portal for Canadian students with disabilities.

Step 5: Visit Post-Secondary Financial Aid Websites
Visit the financial aid website of the school(s) you plan to attend for information on entrance awards and bursaries.  You’ll be automatically considered for some awards.  Others will require that you complete an application.

Step 6:  Make a Timeline
Create a timeline/calendar to help you keep track of awards application deadlines and the various tasks you must complete along the way.

Step 7: Prepare Your Application Materials
Using the instructions in the EMCS Financial Aid Handbook, begin working on your application materials e.g. scholarship resume, letter of application, application forms, portfolio, etc.  Requirements vary depending on the award.  Be sure you understand the application requirements for each award.

Step 8: Request Letters of Reference
Decide who you’ll ask to write you a letter of reference.  Coaches, teachers, employers, and leaders of organizations for which you volunteer are good people to ask.  Be sure you give your references plenty of notice.  Don’t wait until right before award applications are due.  If you want to request a reference letter from an EMCS staff member, use the reference request form and attach a copy of your scholarship resume.

Step 9:  Meet With Your School Counsellor
Make an appointment with your School Counsellor early in the school year for assistance with the award application process.  Your counsellor can look over your scholarship resume, letter of application, etc.

Step 10: Request Your Transcript
A transcript is required for many scholarship applications.  You may request your transcript from the office using the transcript request form.

Step 11: Submit Your Applications
Organize your award applications and submit your applications to the appropriate person in advance of the deadline.  For applications that must be mailed, remember to put them in the mail early enough so they arrive at the destination before the deadline.

Step 12: Write Thank You Letters
Prepare a draft/template of a thank you letter that you will send to donors of any awards you receive.

What are the Three Types of Awards in the EMCS Awards Database?

  • School Awards
  • Local Awards
  • External Awards

A useful summary of the three types of awards and who to submit your applications to:
Summary of the Types of Awards in the EMCS Awards Database

Important Forms

Sample Scholarship Resumes

Sample Resume 1

Sample Resume 2

Sample Resume 3

Sample Letters of Application

Sample Letter 1

Sample Letter 2

Sample Letter 3