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  • You do NOT turn these in to your counsellor.
  • Follow the instructions in the EMCS Awards database and information provided by the award sponsor regarding how to submit your application.  If they give you the option to submit your application by email or online, that is probably the best option.  For some, you will need to mail your applications.
  • For External scholarships/bursaries, you are responsible for double checking the application deadline and application requirements on the award sponsor’s website and forms.


  • Create each application using a myBlueprint portfolio.


1. Get your transcript…   Log on to your Student Transcripts Service (STS) account.  On your dashboard, click “View Your Transcript”.  You will have the option to save/print a PDF of your transcript.  Save the PDF of your transcript on your computer.

2. Get your documents ready…   Start by getting all compents of your applications saved on your computer as separate PDFs.  For documents you’ve created like your scholarship resume and letter of application, you should be able to save or print to PDF.   For things you have on paper like letters of reference or paper application forms you’ve filled out, you will need to scan the documents to PDF.  If you don’t have a scanner, iphones, ipads, etc. usually have an app that can scan to PDF.
how to scan documents with your iphone or ipad
how to scan documents with your Android phone using Google Drive

3. Log into your myBlueprint account…  Select the “school account login” button. This allows you to log in with the same user name and password you use for school computers and wifi.  Email your counsellor if you have problems logging in.

4. Create Portfolios….     Make a Portolio in myBlueprint for each of your scholarhip/bursary applications.  Name each portfolio with the name of the scholarship e.g. “District Scholarship – Fine Arts

5. Create Boxes…   For each application portfolio, create a “box” for each required component of the application.  Name each box according to what it contains e.g. “Application Form”, “Scholarship Resume”, “Letter of Application”, “Reference Letter”, etc.  You can then drag the boxes within the portfolio to put them in the right order.

6. Share Portfolio…   Click the “Share” button at the top right of the screen.  Then click “generate link”. (No need to name it.)  The link for your application portfolio will appear in the bottom part of the screen.  Click “copy link”.  Start a new email to emcsscholarships@sd62.bc.ca.   In the body of the email paste the link (ctrl-V).  In the subject line, enter your name AND the name of the scholarship/bursary e.g. “Bob Loblaw – Rotary Club of Sooke: Faith Jacobsonson Vocational Scholarship”.   Within a day or two, you will receive an email back confirming your application was received.


Email your counsellor

You may also book a phone, video, or in-person appointment.