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It is a great honour to serve Edward Milne Community School.  EMCS is a caring, learning community that offers a fantastic variety of learning experiences. It is perhaps most characterized by the pride its members take in upholding high standards in every regard – ensuring students succeed in whatever path they have chosen, maintaining a beautiful building and fostering strong partnerships with the Sooke community. At EMCS we strive to collaborate with staff, students, parents and community to create an environment where students feel valued and have a sense of belonging within their school community. We pursue excellence with the aim of creating interested, curious people who become citizens able to nurture relationships, create happiness and tackle the challenges of the modern world. This includes offering high-level academic courses; a French Immersion program; a wide variety of applied programs including robotics, welding and electronics; excellent sports programs including two academies; a specialized culinary arts program; and an outstanding variety of performing and visual arts programs. Many of our courses take advantage of our local, natural setting. We offer Marine Science, Sustainability, Environmental Science and a Foods Program that includes gardening and venturing into the forest. We are also the only Community School in the Sooke School District which works with a Community School Society to improve student learning through building stronger families and healthier communities.