Course Selection for 2024 – 2025

Course Selection for Current EMCS Students

Important Dates

  • Now Plan your courses in myBlueprint.
  • February 6 & 8: Course Selection Presentations (by grade group)
  • February 12 at 8:00am: Course request submission opens in myBlueprint.
  • February 23:  Deadline for submitting course requests in myBlueprint (and for parent/guardian to complete the digital course sign off).

Course Selection Steps

We are looking forward to an exciting 2024-2025 school year at EMCS.  Follow the steps below to select your courses.  Take your time and make careful choices.  The school’s schedule is built based on student requests, and it is very difficult to make changes in September.

Step 1:  High School Planning & Course Selection Presentation (Feb. 6 & 8)

  • Presentation for Grade 9 Students: Tuesday, February 6 in C block after break.
  • Presentation for Grade 10 Students: Tuesday, February 6 in D block after break.
  • Presentation for Grade 11 Students: Thursday, February 8 in D block after break.

Copy of the PowerPoint presentation:
High School Planning & Course Selection PowerPoint

Step 2:  myBlueprint

a.  Log in to myBlueprint
Select “School Account Loginand select “SD 62 Sooke“.  Then use the same username and password you use to log on to school computers and wi-fi.

Trouble logging in?  Make sure you have clicked on “School Account Login“.  If you are still having trouble, it may be that your parent/guardian has not completed the myBlueprint consent on the SD62 Consent Portal.  Here is the link for that:  SD 62 Online Consent website. Parents/Guardians, please use the email we have on record at the school to log in to the online consent page.

b.  Surveys  
We recommend that before you select courses, you complete the surveys under the “Who Am I” side tab.  It is a good idea to re-take the surveys each year.

c.  Explore Occupations
Once you’ve completed all the surveys (Learning Styles, Personality, Interests, Knowledge, Motivations), click on “Match Results” to see a list of occupations that might be of interest based on your survey results.  As you look over the occupations, click the heart for any that you’d like to add to your favourites list.

d.  Explore Post-Secondary Programs
Within each occupation profile, you can learn about the occupation by clicking on each of the top tabs (Overview, Outlook, Requirements, and Do I Match).  The “Requirements” tab will show you what education/training is required for that occupation.  There will be a link at the bottom to take you to a list of related post-secondary programs.  Click the heart to add any programs of interest to your favourites.  When viewing post-secondary programs, you’ll be able to check the high school courses that are required for entry into various programs.  Make note of any high school courses you want to include in your plan.

e.  Select Your Courses for Next Year
Enter your course requests for next year in your high school plan.  Read course descriptions carefully and pay attention to recommended pre-requisites.

  • Grade 1036 credits required.  10 main requests and 3 alternate (back-up) requests.  DO NOT SELECT THE SAME ELECTIVES YOU HAVE TAKEN (OR ARE TAKING) IN GRADE 9.  Example: If you have Woodwork in Grade 9, you will be receiving credit for Woodwork 10.  Do NOT select Woodwork 10 again next year.
  • Grade 1134 credits required.   9 main requests and 3 alternate (back-up) requests
  • Grade 1234 credits required.  9 main requests and 3 alternate (back-up) requests

Outside Timetable / Extra Credit Courses?
Band courses, Leadership, Work Experience, Theatre Production, Choir, and Yearbook are courses that take place outside of the regular school schedule.  These do NOT take up a spot in your timetable so they are ones you may select in addition to your main course requests.  When you select outside timetable courses, you will receive an alert in myBlueprint informing you that you have selected too many courses.  That is okay.  You will be prompted to enter a comment when you submit your courses.  In the comment section, you can write that you have selected some outside timetable / extra credit courses. Then you’ll be able to submit.

f.  Plan Ahead for Future Years
If you are selecting courses for Grade 10 or 11, you can fill in tentative courses for future years.  Once you’ve completed the entire high school plan, you’ll see links to possible post-secondary programs based on the courses in your plan.  Filling in courses for future years will help you plan more effectively for next year and ensure you will have the pre-requisites for future courses as well as the high school courses needed to open doors to post-secondary programs of interest. 

g.  Review and Submit Your Courses

h.  Digital Course Sign Off  (for parent/guardian approval)
You’ll be prompted to enter your parent/guardian email address so they’ll receive an email message asking them to approve your course requests. 

– review and submit courses
– parent/guardian to complete digital course sign off

EMCS Online Learning

Students wishing to take an online course should still submit a full set of course requests in myBlueprint for now.   For more information, visit the Online Learning section of the EMCS website

Useful Resources for Education and Career Planning

School Counsellor Contact Information

Your counsellor would be happy to meet with you to discuss your plans and answer any questions.

– Jessica Crockett (last names A – L), 250-642-5211 ext. 3363
– Allan Phipps (last names M – Z ), 250-642-5211 ext. 3362

To book an appointment with your counsellor, click here.

New Students Registering for the Current School Year (2023 – 2024)

New students, please select your courses using the following resources: