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What is the STS?

Student Transcripts Service (STS) is an website for students to view their school marks, provincial scholarships, transcripts, and send transcripts electronically.

From your STS dashboard,  you can:
– view your transcript
– arrange to have transcripts sent electronically to post-secondary schools (Marks are released to post-secondary schools of your choosing at the beginning of May and end of July.)
– view provincial assessment results
– order transcripts for yourself
– send transcripts immediately to a college, university, etc.
– view your provincial scholarship information

Set Up Your STS Account

To register for STS, you will need:  your Personal Education Number (PEN), full legal name, date of birth, and email address.

  1.  Register for a “basic” BCeID (BC Electronic Identification).
    Be sure to make note of your user name and password.
  2. Once you’ve created a basic BCeID account, you will be able to use your BCeID user name and password to log in to the STS website.

Helpful Videos from the Ministry of Education

  • STS Help Videos:
    – Registering for a BCeID and Accessing Student Transcripts Service
    – How to Order and/or Send a Transcript to a Post-Secondary Institution
    – How to Send a Transcript to an Employer, Yourself, or Anyone