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Students are assigned to a Counsellor by last name…

Jessica Crockett
students with last names A to L
(250) 642-5211 Ext. 3363

Allan Phipps
students with last names M to Z
(250) 642-5211 Ext. 3362

Services offered by School Counsellors include:

  • Personal counselling for issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, relationship concerns, family conflict, substance abuse, grief, self-esteem, etc.
  • Academic advising and scheduling
  • Career exploration
  • Post secondary planning
  • Support with scholarship and bursary applications
  • Transition and orientation information and support for incoming students
  • Referral to outside agencies
  • Information regarding special opportunities e.g. Rotary-sponsored adventures, Shad Valley, student travel, …


Personal information students share with School Counsellors is confidential with the following exceptions:

  • consent: if the student consents to the sharing of information
  • potential harm: if there is a risk of harm to the student or someone else
  • child protection: If the Counsellor believes someone under the age of 19 may be in need of protection, the Counsellor must make a report to the appropriate authorities.
  • legal requirements: Counsellors may be required to provide records in compliance with the law.
  • consultation and collaboration: Counsellors may consult and collaborate with other professionals regarding cases for the purposes of more effectively helping the student.

How to make an appointment

Click the link below:

If you have an emergency situation and your Counsellor is unavailable, please let another staff member in the office know.

Students should inform their teacher if they are missing class to see their Counsellor, and are responsible for work assigned during classes missed for counselling.