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Wolverine Athletics is an extension of the classroom and carries the same moral and legislative obligations for coaches, athletes, and spectators. Athletes are expected to regularly attend class and to stay caught up with their work in all classes. Being a member of a school team is not an excuse to miss work in any classes. The school has the ability to suspend student athletes from playing in games and taking part in practice if they are not keeping up in the classroom. Coaches and teachers will work with students to help them succeed throughout season.

Student athletes are expected to:

  • Play hard and within the rules.
  • Win with humility and lose with dignity
  • Exercise self-control at all times
  • Respect the decisions of officials without gesture or argument
  • Show that is it a privilege to represent their school and community
  • Recognize and applaud honestly and wholeheartedly the efforts of teammates and opponents
  • Be prompt for every practice, game, and meeting. Prior to an activity, coaches must be notified by the athlete of an upcoming absence.
  • Exemplify the true spirit of sportsmanship and respect towards officials, opponents, spectators, and fellow team members.