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  • Follow the Grade 12 thread on the Wolverine App for important updates.
  • If you want to receive announcements about scholarships and bursaries, join the Scholarships thread on the Wolverine App.
  • Enroll in Grad Council if you are interested in representing your Grad Class.  See Ms. Williams for further details.
  • Log on to your Student Transcripts Service (STS) account and check your transcript for accuracy.
  • Look over the BC Graduation Requirements and make sure your are on track to graduate.    See your School Counsellor if you have questions.
  • Explore options for after high school e.g. work, travel, college, university, tech school, apprenticeship, …     Make an appointment to see your School Counsellor about possible plans and options.  Also meet with the Career Centre staff for assistance and to learn about many opportunities.
  • Check post-secondary application deadlines and entrance requirements.  Online application for many post-secondary schools opens in September.   Many Camosun College programs are filled on a first come, first served basis, so it is best to apply early.
  • Review the EMCS Grad List requirements.  The Grad List will be posted at the start of May.  Only students on the Grad List will be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony, book ceremony tickets, and purchase prom tickets.
  • If you plan to attend post-secondary in the USA, you may need to write the SAT or ACT.  Register now.
  • If English is not your first language, to apply for post-secondary you may need to register to write one of the following English assessments:
    – IELTS   Global Village in Victoria is the nearest IELTS test centre.
    – TOEFL
  • If you are a top academic student, see your School Counsellor regarding some large scholarships that have deadlines in October and November.
  • September 24 at 7:00pm:  University of Victoria Info Night at EMCS.  Room TBA.
  • Attendance:  Please remember that your school attendance will usually be considered as part of your scholarship and bursary applications. Even if applications do not ask about attendance, any teachers you ask to write reference letters will likely check your attendance.  Please make sure that parents/guardians contact the office to excuse your absences if you miss school for a legitimate reason.  Absences should be excused in a timely manner.


  • October 23:  Grad Assembly in the theatre during Focus Block.  For a review, see Mr. Phipps’ PowerPoint presentation.
  • October 24 at 6:30pm:  Camosun College Info Night at EMCS.   Room TBA.
  • October 30:  Capstone Proposal & Mentorship Guides are due.
  • October 30:  University of Victoria, Gustavson School of Business program info session at lunch in the office seminar room.  Sign up on the bulletin board across from Mr. Phipps’s office.
  • Purdy’s fundraising efforts begin.  You can earn 25% of your individual sales to put towards your Grad fees and Prom tickets!  Place your order here.
  • Apply for post-secondary if you would like to begin your post-secondary studies next September.   See your school counsellor if you would like help with the application.
  • Log on to your Student Transcripts Service (STS) account and give consent for the Ministry of Education release your transcripts to the post-secondary schools to which you have applied (or will be applying).
  • Start researching scholarships, bursaries, and student loans.  Begin working on your application materials.
  • Are you taking an online or paper-based distance learning course?   To get on the Grad List, any required distance learning courses must be totally complete.  Make sure you are submitting work consistently throughout the school year.  Note that many post-secondary schools have very early deadlines for distance learning courses that are required for admission.
  • Consider borrowing your prom clothing (dress, tuxedo/suit, shoes, etc.) from the Magic Wand rather than buying.   Why buy a Grad Tux, or Dress when you can borrow one?  The Magic Wand is a non-profit organization that offers an eco-friendly and inexpensive alternative to purchasing grad outfits.  You can borrow like-new grad dresses, tuxes, suits, shoes and accessories.  A small fee for cleaning is the only cost.  To book an appointment email Elizabeth at esurerus@telus.net or Joy at jandtharrison@shaw.ca.  Appointments can be booked starting in October.


  • November 5:  EMCS Post-Secondary Event.   During first block, Grade 12 students will be called to the Commons for approx. 30 minutes during first block to tour post-secondary displays and talk to representatives from several BC post-secondary schools.
  • November 6 at 6:30pm:  University of Alberta Info Night at EMCS.    Room TBA.
  • November 18 – 21: Grad Spirit Week
  • November 20 at 6:00pm:  University of British Columbia Info Night at EMCS.    Room TBA.
  • November 21:  Purdy’s fundraising closes.
  • November 21:  Capstone Action Step #1 and Mentor Log #1 are due.
  • First draft of your scholarship/bursary letter of application should be done.
  • Transcript Verification Report:   This report will be mailed home in late November or early December.  The report contains your demographic information as well as completed courses, credits, and courses in progress.  Ensure all information is accurate.   See your School Counsellor if there are any errors on the report.  The name on the TVR will be as it appears on your high school diploma which will be mailed to the address listed in the summer following graduation.


  • December 6:  Purdy’s pick up.  Details to come.
  • December 18:  Grad Skate
  • Book your session for Grad Photos on the Lifetouch website here.
  • Complete any online or paper-based distance learning courses that must be finished by the beginning of Semester 2.


  • Measure your height for Grad gown outside room 2026
  • January 13-17: Grad Photos with Lifetouch.  The mobile photo studio will be set up at EMCS. 
  • January 16:  Capstone Action Step #2 and Mentor Log #2 are due.
  • Continue to check the Scholarship & Bursary section of the EMCS website.
  • Complete your scholarship/bursary letter of application.
  • If you failed a Semester 1 course, this may impact your ability to graduate and/or be admitted to post-secondary programs.   See your School Counsellor if you have questions.


  • If you are planning to apply for student housing, application usually starts now.
  • If you applied to the University of Victoria, self-report your marks.  See the UVIC website for details.
  • February 20:  Capstone Action Step #3 and Mentor Log #3 are due.
  • February 28: University of Victoria application deadline.


  • March 9:  Capstone Project approval deadline.


  • April 1: Grad Comment Form available here. The deadline is April 24. 
  • April 1: Consent forms for Prom available at the office or through School Cash Online. The deadline is April 24. 
  • April 1, 8, and 14:  Capstone Student Presentations.  Students can NOT miss their scheduled time.  Location: EMCS Library.
  • April 22: Grad Assembly in the theater during Focus Block
  • April 24:  Deadline to pay your Grad fee through Aimee in the EMCS office or School Cash Online.
    – Price is TBD
  • April 27 – May 1: Grad Spirit Week
  • Applications for some Local scholarships/bursaries are due.  Check the scholarship/bursary section of the website.
  • Talk to Ms. McLellan or Ms. Williams if you are interested in singing Oh Canada at the Grad Ceremony 
  • Check the Scholarship & Bursary section of the EMCS website.  MANY updates are usually made in April.
  • See your School Counsellor if you require assistance the Grad-related expenses. e.g. prom, tuxedo, prom dress, etc.
  • If necessary, apply for student loans at Student Aid BC.
  • Be sure you are passing all your courses.  If you are failing a required course on the April report card, your name will not be added to the Grad List until your teacher confirms your mark has been brought up to 50% or higher.


  • May 1: The first version of the Grad List is posted.   Click here for more information.   
  • May 1: Tickets are available for the Grad Ceremony for students on the Grad List
    See Aimee in the EMCS office or go to School Cash Online
    – Students can arrange up to 3 complimentary tickets and 3 at $7.00 each
    Any remaining tickets will be released later in the spring
  • May 4 at 8:45am:  Applications for School and most Local scholarships/bursaries are due to Mr. Phipps.
  • If you were not on the first run of the Grad List, turn in your “Missing Grad List Requirements” form to your School Counsellor with the necessary signatures.  Your name will be added to the Grad List once that form is turned in.
  • May 14: Tickets for the Grad Ceremony are no longer available through EMCS but rather the UVic Ticket Center
  • May 20: Grad Assembly in the theater at the end of D block
  • May 26: Pick up cap and gown from upstairs classrooms at lunch
  • May 29:  Final Deadline for Grad List (no exceptions)


  • June 5: Grad Rehearsal
    – Departing EMCS at 9:00am, returning before the end of the day
  • June 6: Grad Ceremony at UVic
    – Arrive at 11:30, group photo at 12:00, ceremony 1:00-4:00
    – After Grad, please return your v-stole to the main office at EMCS. You cannot purchase Prom tickets until your v-stole is returned. If not returned, you will be charged a $40.00 replacement fee. 
  • June 8-16: Prom tickets are available for students on the Grad List
    – See Aimee in the EMCS office or go to School Cash Online
    – Price is TBD
  • June 9: Grad Walk
    – Meet in the Commons right after lunch
  • June 16: Staff Appreciation Luncheon
  • June 20: Prom at the Empress Hotel
    – The event will run from 7:00 – 11:00pm
    – Parents must check-in with a Vice Principal before leaving
    – Students must be in good standing with the school and follow our Code of Conduct for the duration of the event

Other Information for Grade 12 Students

BC Ministry of Education: Graduation Requirements