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Saturday, June 22, 2019: Prom

  • This year’s Prom will take place in the Crystal Ballroom at the Empress Hotel from 7:00-11:00pm. The doors do not open until 7:00pm.
  • Students must be in good standing with EMCS in order to attend the event.
  • Students must come to the entrance of the Crystal Ballroom with a parent that will sign them in to the event. Students are not permitted to arrive in limos.
  • Consider renting Prom clothing from the Magic Wand Project. The only cost is a small fee for cleaning! More details here: https://www.themagicwandproject.ca/


Feel free to contact the main office at EMCS with any questions regarding these events. 250-642-5211.


We look forward to an excellent end to the semester!


Grade 12 Checklist

This EMCS Grade 12 Checklist (updated October 23, 2018) is a month-by-month checklist of important dates and things to do during your Grade 12 year.



Please remember that your school attendance will usually be considered as part of your scholarship and bursary applications. Even if applications do not ask about attendance, any teachers you ask to write reference letters  will likely check your attendance.  Please make sure that parents/guardians contact the office to excuse your absences if you miss school for a legitimate reason.  Absences should be excused in a timely manner. 

PowerPoint Presentation for Grade 12 Students

During Focus Block on October 24, 2018, Mr. Phipps presented some important information to Grade 12 students.  Here is the PowerPoint presentation.

Important Information

BC Ministry of Education Grad Planner  (updated link coming soon…)
This Ministry of Education document provides an overview of:

  • graduation requirements
  • how to earn credits towards graduation (in school, distributed learning, equivalency, external credentials, challenge, independent directed study, post-secondary courses, etc.)
  • exams
  • awards & scholarships
  • helpful websites
  • jobs in demand


Other information of interest to graduating students on the BC Ministry of Education website

 Graduation Requirements

Make sure you are on track to graduate in June!  Double check your timetable to make sure you are scheduled for the courses you need to graduate.  If you aren’t sure, make an appointment to see your Counsellor.

BC Ministry of Education website:   Graduation Requirements


 Financial Aid

Visit the Scholarship, Bursaries & Student Loans section of the EMCS Website.

 Magic Wand

Why buy a Grad Tux, or Dress when you can borrow one?

The Magic Wand is a non-profit organization that offers an eco-friendly and inexpensive alternative to grad outfits for male and female alike.

You can borrow like-new grad dresses, tuxes, suits, shoes and accessories for grad night.

A small fee for cleaning is the only cost.

To sign up to attend the “Boutique” (or to book a private appointment): email Elizabeth at esurerus@telus.net or call 250-658-0246