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“For this sustained investigation i looked into how one could beautify otherwise grotesque subject matter or vise versa how one could make otherwise beautiful subject matter grotesque. This inquiry led me to experiment with how the viewer sees the subject matter and how that can be altered. I found by creating colorful images that are purposely planned with an underlying abstract style would allow for images to be seen in a more open minded way. At first I began with submission #1 where I wanted to make Honey look gross and intestinal looking. There I really got to experiment with my use of colors, material and value in order to achieve the desired effect. Then in images #3 and #7 I experimented with the subject matter of mold and how I could beautify it. When doing that I found by enhancing the more pleasant colors associated with mold I was able to make the subject matter more pretty. Now as my investigation has moved forward my art has evolved into a more realistic subject matter, as seen in piece #15. From here I plan on building on this more detailed oriented style and how I can further use my previous processes such as my use of color and value to further this growth.”

-Rowyn L.