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“The main questions that guided my sustained investigation were, how to create texture in a meaningful way, and how colour affects the tone of the piece. Throughout my sustained investigation, I have experimented using new mediums, and how I create texture in a piece, practiced using new techniques to create better texture/composition, and have revised how I create a piece based on what techniques I use. My beginning pieces show how texture can be created using thick layers of oil paint. Once I created texture, I wanted to push the idea of how to make texture, using different mediums. Then I practiced glazing to make the texture have more contrast. Once I had figured out how to create texture, I started playing around with pressing things into the surface to create different textures. My final piece shows my experimentation of the contrast between the raw wood and the plaster.  I want to continue playing with the contrast between the wood and the plaster, and continuing using raw materials.”

-Adryanna R.