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Lifeskills is a holistic program for students possessing developmental and/or intellectual challenges.  It is a program that is tailored to the individual needs of the learner. Students are involved with activities meant to increase independence in daily living activities, problem-solving skills, and to facilitate social skill development. The Student Development Centre encourages pre-employment skills, work experience, numeracy and literacy skill development. Selection for this program is made  through the  Student Support Services Department.

The Life Skills program at EMCS offers students with special needs a unique program geared towards developing functional academic skills in literacy and numeracy. Personal goals, planning and timelines are also explored to help in the planning of school experiences in preparation for adult life. Students are involved in the recycling program and monies collected are used to help subsidize field trips.

Students participate in work experience placements in the community. Placements are based on future employment possibilities and the student will learn specific skills including resume writing, interview preparation and will receive job coaching.

Some of our students are involved in community integration, volunteering at the Seniors Community Hall, shopping as part of the cooking program and using public transit.

Students receive small group and/or individual support from teachers, EAs, case managers and guidance counselors. Students who qualify also receive support and/or consultation from occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech language pathologist and Set BC consultant.