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Virtual learning conferences will be held on Thursday, April 15th from 1:20-3:20pm.  Parents can schedule an appointment through our School Appointments online booking system:  https://emcs.schoolappointments.com/, which will remain open until Wednesday, April 14th at 9pm.  Teachers will follow-up with a Google Meet or MS Teams link for the meeting.

Class schedules will also be adjusted to allow time for the conferences.

The schedule for April 15th will be:

  • AM Cohort: 8:40 am – 10:40 am
  • PM Cohort: 11:10 am- 1:10 pm
  • Staff availability to Parents & Students for Communicating Student Learning: 1:20 pm – 3:20 pm

For bussing students, please pay careful attention to notices from Transportation.