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Computer Studies 10 is an Applied Design, Skill, & Technologies course for students curious about Computer Science and Web Development. The course encompasses evolving processes, systems, and tools for creating, storing, retrieving, and modifying information. Students will design and share projects, think critically, and develop literacies for using technology in beneficial ways. In Computer Studies 10, students will research, observe, and apply knowledge to develop competencies in the following areas: Coding/Programming; Computer Studies (i.e. hardware/software); Video Game Design; Productivity Tools (e.g., word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, photo editing); Typing; and Web development. This course is open to students of all levels and abilities.

CREDIT: 4   TYPE: Computer Studies   GRADE: 9-10

Computer Studies 11 builds on the skills developed in Computer Studies 10. There is an opportunity for student choice of projects and focus. We will explore themes such as the design cycle, digital literacy, and digital citizenship. Students will create, share, and critically evaluate products and the effects of digital technologies. Topics of study will include: Computer Programming/Coding; App Design and Creation, Programming for Digital Graphics, Data and the Internet, and Graphics for Virtual Reality. Students will design and create digital projects to showcase their learning.

CREDIT: 4   TYPE: Computer Studies   GRADE: 11-12
Recommended PREREQUISITE: Computer Studies 10

Computer Studies 12 builds on the skills developed in Computer Studies 11, and as a modular based course invites students to personalize their coursework and focus.  Course themes include applications of computer science, digital ethics, the design cycle, digital literacy, and digital citizenship. Available topics of study will include: Computer Programming/Coding, Computer Science, Data Management, and Digital Media Development.  Students will be expected to design, share, and adapt knowledge in critical, ethical, purposeful, and innovative ways as they gain perspective on the long-term implications of life in a digital, connected world and develop literacies to responsibly take ownership of such technologies to augment learning and benefit society. Choose one of Computer Programing 12 MCMPR12 or Digital Media Development MDMD-12 depending on your chosen area of focus.

CREDIT: 4   TYPE: Computer Studies GRADE: 12
PREREQUISITE: Computer Programming 11