Important information for 2020-2021:  Due to COVID 19, Grad 2021 related activities, and the Grad List process, are tentative and are subject to change and will be based on guidelines provided by the Provincial Health Officer.  

You must be on the Grad List in order to participate in the Graduation Ceremonies and to purchase tickets for Prom.  Make sure you get on the list!

Grad List Requirements

  • On track to complete ALL BC graduation requirements by the end of June (sufficient courses and credits)
  • Career Life Connections and Capstone COMPLETE
  • Passing ALL courses required to graduate on the April report card
    If you are not passing required courses on the April report card, you will be
    added to the grad list when you provide teacher confirmation that you have
    brought up your marks to at least 50%.
  • Completed ALL required WestShore or other Distance Learning courses that are required to meet graduation requirements
  • Grad ceremony comments submitted to office (the comments that will be read
    as you walk the stage at Grad)
  • Parent/Guardian consent form for Grad Ceremony Rehearsal submitted to office
  • No outstanding school fees or missing textbooks / library books.  See your counsellor if you
    require assistance.

Once your name is added to the Grad List, you will:

  • be able to book the 3 Grad tickets that are included with the grad fee
  • be able to purchase additional Grad tickets
  • be eligible to participate in the EMCS Graduation Ceremonies
  • have your name added to the Graduation Ceremony Program
  • be able to purchase Prom tickets

How to get your name on the Grad List

Make sure you have met all Grad List requirements before the April report card.

The Grad List will be posted during the first week of May. If you are not on the list, you will receive a “Missing Graduation Requirements” notice with a list of things that you need to do.  You will be required to collect signatures from various staff members as you meet the requirements and then return the form with required signatures to your counsellor to be added to the list.

Grad List Deadline

The Grad List will be updated daily until May 25, 2021.  Students not on the List by the deadline will not participate in the EMCS Graduation Ceremony.