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Course Selection for 2021 – 2022

Course Selection Steps

We are looking forward to an exciting 2021-2022 school year at EMCS.  Follow the steps below to select your courses.

  • February 1:  A High School Planning & Course Selection video presentation will be posted on this website.
  • February 17 at 7:00pm:  EMCS will host a live virtual Q & A meeting for students and parents/guardians. (link to follow)
  • February 22:  Deadline for submitting course requests on the Student Portal.

Review the Course Selection & High School Planning PowerPoint Presentation

  • Course Selection PowerPoint for students entering Grade 10-12 (coming soon)

Read the EMCS Descriptions

The Course Descriptions provide detailed information about all the courses offered at EMCS.  It is important that students read through the course description information with their parents/guardians so they can make informed choices.  The EMCS schedule is built based on student course requests.  It is very difficult to make changes to student schedules in September.

Research Post-Secondary Entrance Requirements and Careers

myBlueprint is a powerful tool for learning about post-secondary education and career options.  Before you submit your course requests for next year, School Counsellors recommend you explore the surveys, interest inventories, and other information in myBlueprint.   You can save careers of interest and post-secondary programs of interest to your myBlueprint account.

In addition to using myBlueprint, students and parents may wish to visit the Post-Secondary and Career Information page of the EMCS website for other online resources for researching careers and post-secondary options.

Understand Graduation Requirements

Completing the 4-year High School Plan  &  Graduation Requirements Worksheet will help you ensure you are on track to graduate.  Visit the Ministry of Education’s Path to Graduation webpage for more information regarding the BC graduation requirements, including information about recent changes.

Talk with Your School Counsellor

Your counsellor would be happy to meet with you to discuss your plans and answer any questions.

– Sharon Jesson (last names A – L) sjesson@sd62.bc.ca, 250-642-5211 ext. 1185
– Allan Phipps (last names M – Z & International Students) aphipps@sd62.bc.ca, 250-642-5211 ext. 1183

Select Courses Online Using the MyEducationBC Student Portal

To log on to the student portal, click the MyEducationBC link below:

Once you’ve logged in to the portal, click the “My Info” top tab, then the “Requests” side tab. Full instructions here.

All students must select a full schedule for next year.   Careers  classes will be taught in a blended format within the regular school day and during Focus Blocks.  The number of courses comprising a full schedule depends on your Grade.

In addition to selecting a full set of courses, students must select 3 alternate (back-up) courses.  You will be scheduled for your alternate choices if class sizes or scheduling conflicts prevent you from receiving one of your first choices.

Extra Credit / Outside Timetable Courses:  Remember that Band, Leadership, Sports Performance Rugby, Work Experience, and Grad Leadership take place outside the regular timetable.

Deadline for Course Selection …   All students must complete their course selection for 2021/22 in the MyEducationBC Student Portal by February 22, 2021. Counsellors will be meeting with grade groups between February 10 and 13 to assist students with making informed choices and also ensuring they know how to use the online course selection portal.

Parents and students should be communicating at home about course selections.

Students experiencing difficulties logging on to their Student Portal account should see the secretaries for assistance. 

Course Selection Form 2022-2022

All current EMCS students will select courses on the MyEducationBC Student Portal (link above).  A course selection form is available below for new students joining us in the Fall.

  • EMCS Course Selection Form (coming soon)