Sharpen your communication skills with this interactive language class. Learn to speak, read and write “en francais” while exploring the Francophone culture and lifestyle. Students will engage in active listening and practice their French speaking Great on resumes and handy when travelling!

This course provides an extension of French 9. You will begin to build your confidence in using the language for a wider range of purposes and with greater fluency. The unit on survival French gives you practical tools for travel. You will create and describe a piece of art as well as make a news show. Active participation is required throughout the course.
CREDIT: 4 TYPE: French GRADE: 10

French 11 satisfies the second language entrance requirements for some universities. You already have considerable skill in French--in this course you learn a number of new verb tenses so that your communication may become more varied and sophisticated. A wide range of listening, speaking and writing activities are offered so that you can refine your skills while learning more about French culture and language.
CREDIT: 4 TYPE: French GRADE: 11 PREREQUISITE: French 10 with a C+ or better

Since French 12 presupposes a desire to continue French studies at the university level, strong emphasis is placed on all aspects of communication. Students are expected to study and discuss short stories, to master the formation and use of all major verb tenses, and to use these more complicated sentences in paragraph writing. Vocabulary topics include the exploration of the lives of famous French-speaking people, Francophone countries, and culture through a study of reading passages and video.
CREDIT: 4 TYPE: French GRADE: 12 PREREQUISITE: French 11 with a C+ or better