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The Career Centre is located in Student Services beside the counselling suite. The Work Experience Coordinator and the Career Programs Coordinator can assist the students in the following areas:

  • Completion of Grad Transition requirements
  • Work experience placements and career exploration opportunities
  • SSA –Secondary School Apprenticeship opportunities
  • ACE-IT- Accelerated Credit Enrolment in Industry Training options
  • SIP- South Island School District Partnership
  • TEAC 105 is a course that provides an introduction to careers and basic skills in electronics, computer sciences, civil and mechanical engineering. This course is offered Friday afternoons at Interurban Camosun College campus.
  • Resume building
  • Coaching on basic employability skills, such as cover letters, dress, work ethic, and interview skills.
  • Career Information nights for parents and community
  • Paid community positions for FMF Cape Breton (DND), and Department of National Defence Food Services Department
  • Volunteer positions in the community
  • Field trips to Camosun College, Tectoria, Department of National Defence, University of Victoria, and Victoria School District Career Fair
    * If you are finding the trades course you desire is not offered, consider taking a Foundations Course offered at Camosun College. This is a wonderful opportunity to get dual credits from Edward Milne Community School and Camosun College and further your career.

Career Exploration/Mandatory 30 hours Work Experience

  • 30 hours of Career Exploration is mandatory for all students to meet Provincial Graduation Requirements
  • At EMCS, we encourage students to complete their 30 hours by the end of Grade 11.
  • The Career Centre will place students of good standing in work experience opportunities that may range from day shadows to 30 hours.
  • Career Exploration hours are cumulative and can be credited towards the Work Experience 12 course.

Grade 9 students will explore Careers in their academic classes. They will focus on reflecting on their preference and skills, the value of work in our communities, the importance of effort and perseverance to achieve goals, the importance of flexibility to adapt to economic and labour markets, and the importance of our personal, community and educational choices.

CREDIT: 0    TYPE: Career & Life    GRADE: 9

The new BC Curriculum ensures that students learn about career-life education throughout their graduation program. Through a blended learning model (during focus block and in academic classes, face to face group classes, face to face connection with a Careers Teacher and work online) students will learn various aspects of career education. They will be learning how
to find a balance between work and personal life which includes developing a network of family, friends, and community members to support and broaden their career awareness and options. Students will also learn how to be lifelong learners who can adapt to changing career opportunities as careers, education, and life opportunities change over time. Students will learn how to effectively career plan by considering both internal and external factors. They will discuss how the global economy affects our personal, social and economic lives and prospects. Overall, students will learn how successful career and educational paths require planning, evaluating and adapting.

CREDIT: 4    TYPE: Career & Life    GRADE: 10

The new BC Curriculum ensures that students learn about career-life education throughout their graduation program. This course is taught through a blended learning model (face to face group classes during Focus Blocks, face to face connections with a Careers Teacher, and work online). The Career-Life Connections course builds upon the skills and content of Career-Life Education 10. In Career-Life Connections, students will be working on career-life development including ongoing cycles of exploring, planning, reflecting, adapting and deciding. Students will learn and discuss internal and external factors (including local and global trends) that will influence their career-life decisions including how they represent themselves in personal and public profiles. Students will engage in networks and reciprocal relationships including having a mentor that will help guide and broaden their career-life awareness and options. Student will continue to continue to learn about career-life balance support and well-being. Along with the course content, Career-Life Connections requires students to create and present a Capstone project in their Grade 12 year.
CREDIT: 4 TYPE: Career & Life GRADE: 11

The Capstone 12 replaces the Grad Transitions 12 course. All Grade 12 students will be require to present a capstone project. The capstone project is an opportunity for students to showcase their strengths, passions, academic and emotional growth, and post-secondary aspirations. Students throughout their high school years will prepare for the capstone project by collecting meaningful evidence stored in a portfolio on myBluePrint. Students will have worked with a mentor selected in Grade 10. The role of the mentor will have been to engage in ongoing career-life development conversations. Students are encouraged to build connections with community networks through work-related opportunities, job shadowing, or volunteer arrangements. The Capstone project’s final Grade will be based on a presentation. It will be marked on how well the student has demonstrated that they have met the Ministry of Education’s Core Competencies. The Capstone final product must be presented in a clear and logical format. There needs to be evidence of critical and creative thinking. Students need to show they have considered the importance of personal awareness and responsibility. Students need to show growth in the area of positive, personal identity. The Capstone presentation is an opportunity for students to reflect and share their personal interests and strengths.
CREDIT: 2 TYPE: Career & Life GRADE: 12