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Are you working in a trade?  Are you working with a qualified tradesperson?  You could be eligible for 16 high school credits.  The Youth Work in Trades Program (formerly known as Secondary School Apprenticeship) allows students to receive high school credits for paid workplace-based training.  Four credits are earned for every 120 hours for a total of 16 credits (480 hours).  Students participating in the Youth Work in Trades program are registered with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) as apprentices and obtain “time in trade” hours that count towards the completion of the on-the-job portion of an Industry Training Program.

Youth Work in Trades students who carry on working in the trades can also qualify for a $1000 award.

Registered Youth Work in Trades students who have completed a minimum of 480 work-based training hours may be able to enroll in Camosun College Level 1 technical training through Youth Train in Trades (formerly known as ACE IT) which will pay for the tuition and earn students more graduation credits!  Camosun College offers technical training for the following trades:  Automotive Service Technician, Carpentry, Cook, Electrical, Joinery, Heavy Mechanical Trades, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic, Plumbing & Piping, Metal Fabrication, Sheet Metal and Welding.

Please contact the Career Centre staff for more information and an application package.

The Exploration in the Technology (TEAC 105) course is offered by Camosun College and is open to Grade 10, 11 and 12 students who are interested in exploring a variety of engineering and technology areas. Students will be introduced to careers and basic skills in the following areas: Computer Science, Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, and Mechanical Engineering.

Students must apply by completing a South Island Partnership (SIP) application. Classes take place at Camosun College Interurban Campus – Technology Building and run for 13 weeks on Fridays from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. Please contact the Career Centre for more information.

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  • Automotive Service Technology
  • Carpentry
  • Cook
  • Electrical
  • Heavy Metal Trades
  • Horticulture
  • Joinery/Cabinet Making
  • Metal Fabrication & Sheet Metal
  • Plumbing & Piping
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic
  • Welding


Community Support


  • Community Support & Education  Assistant
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Legal Office Assistant
  • Indigenous Family Support


  • Technologies Exploration (TEAC)
  • Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology – Renewable Resources
  • Computer Network Electronics Technician
  • Information & Computer Systems

(Please see the table below for more information on the Trades Pathways)

All these programs take place at Camosun College and range from 16-32 High School credits depending on the program. Grade 10 and Grade 11 is the ideal time to plan for a Partnership Program so that prerequisites for the program and credits for graduation are met. A non-refundable fee is required for registration into these programs. Most students attend Camosun College in one semester of their Grade 12 year. See the Career Centre for more information and an application package.
For more information see Ms. Cossentine in the Career Centre or check out the following links:


For those students with a paid part-time job or summer position, credit may be given for the hours worked if the student is employed in a field they plan to continue in after high school. Students can receive work experience hours through a standard work site, non-profit or volunteer organization, job shadowing, career mentoring, or hands-on work experience at a non-standard work site like a school district wood lot or garden. A total of 100 hours of work experience is required for the work experience credit. These hours can be logged over a one-year period. Students must complete a written assignment as part of the course requirements. This is a completion based course and all criteria must be met to receive credit for the course.

CREDIT: 4   TYPE: Extra Credit / Outside Timetable   GRADE: 10-12

Students who have completed the WEX-12A course are eligible to continue with the WEX-12B course. Students are required to complete a written assignment, and 120 hours of logged time. Students may be able to use their hours from a paid part time position, or have the work experience staff find a school approved work placement. This course is structured to help students explore career options.

CREDIT: 4   TYPE: Extra Credit / Outside Timetable   GRADE: 12