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Most school fees, as outlined below, are attached to the individual student through our school cash online program.

If you haven’t already signed up, first you will have to consent to allow your student information in school cash online at https://consent.sd62.bc.ca/apps/OnlineConsent .  Please allow 24 hours for the system to update.

If you have already registered your student, you will receive an email as items are attached to your student.  Please use this link to login to  your students’ account:  https://www.schoolcashonline.com/


If you are unable to see items for purchase, please first ensure you have completed:

  1.  Online Consent:  School Cash Online Step 1 user guide create account
  2.  Attach your students: School Cash Online Step 3 attach students


Once you have completed the above steps, it may take up to 48 hours before you see items attached to your student.

If you are unable to see any items , please email or call Aimee, Accounts Clerk, at ascott@sd62.bc.ca.



SD62 School Fee Schedule 

Other fees will be levied for events in which you choose to participate throughout the school year.  For example, Prom, Grad Ceremony, Conferences, Tournaments.


Uniform Deposit Fees

Please make cheque payable to SD #62.

Cheques will be kept in the office until the deadline date and then returned to the student upon the return of their jersey.



Academy Fees

Can be paid on-line by following this link: http://www.sd62.bc.ca/academies/

Questions regarding Academies please contact Jennifer Nolin at jnolin@sd62.bc.ca


School Bus Fees

To register for the school bus please follows this link:  http://www.sd62.bc.ca/about/transportation/