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2016 – 2017 School Calendar


2017 -2018 School Calendar          (revised June 6, 2017)




Host Families Wanted                      (posted June 22, 2017)



Summer Programs 2017                   (posted June 21, 2017)



Provincial Exam Bulletin                   (posted June 16, 2017)



ICA Youth Program                    (posted June 14, 2017)



Amber Academy                    (posted June 14, 2017)



Oliver Auditions                              (posted June 9, 2017)



Coast Guard Open House                     (June 9, 2017)



Spartans Football                     (June 9, 2017)



Teen Summer Challenge                    (June 9, 2017)



Father’s Day Golf Tournament                (posted June 6, 2017)



Time Flies Musical Theatre Performance                   (posted May 18, 2017)

EMCS Musical Theatre, Art and Film present…

“Time Flies’

Can we learn valuables lessons from the past?

Come see how a female riveting team from the 1940’s help passengers and staff get through a sticky situation. 

Time Flies is an original story by EMCS Musical Theatre and runs

June 7-9  at 7 PM

Tickets are available at EMCS, Journey Middle School and Shoppers Drug Mart.



UVic’s Science Venture for Maker Camp                   (posted May 26, 2017)



EMCS Programs Newsletter                    (posted May 26, 2017)



Magic Wand                    (posted May 26, 2017)



Bottle Drive for the Jupp Family                   (posted May 25, 2017)



Westshore Basketball Summer Camps

We are pleased to announce our Summer Camps for 2017!  Our camps are open to kids currently in grades 2 7.  We will have 2 sessions this summer:

July 10 14 at Belmont, 9 am-3:30 pm.  Lunch from 12 -12:30 pm.  Full Day Sessions $175; AM or PM $100

August 21 25 at Belmont,  9 am 3:30pm.  Lunch from 12 12:30pm.  Full Day Sessions $175; AM or PM $100

Registration is open online at our Website (www.westshorebasketball.com)  

Brad Lidstone and Curt Spaven



Little Mermaid                   (posted May 8, 2017)



Bus Driver Appreciation day                   (posted May 8, 2017)



Urinetown at RBSS                    (posted May 1, 2017)



Letter to Parents – 13 Reasons Why                    (posted April 27, 2017)



Lets Talk About Drugs                    (posted April 18, 2017)



PACE Musical Theatre                    (posted April 11, 2017)



TRY Rugby Event                    (posted April 11, 2017)



Print                    (posted April 11, 2017)

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Spring Out of Hunger – EMCS Food Drive                    (April 10, 2017)



Magic Wand                   (posted April 10, 2017)



Aboriginal Recognition Ceremony                    (posted April 10, 2017)



Sooke Parent Support Circle                  (posted April 10, 2017)



Scholarship Fundraiser for Sarah Beckett                   (posted April 7, 2017)



Boys and Girls Youth Conference                    (posted April 6, 2017)



A Salute to Vimy 100                    (posted April 3, 2017)



Sooke Basketball Club                    (posted March 10, 2017)



Triangle Baseball                       (posted February 28, 2017)



Social Media Awareness & Parenting the Digital World                    (posted February 27, 2017)



EMCS Program Office Newsletter                    (posted February 24, 2017)



Discover Tectoria 2017                    (posted February 17, 2017)



Tourism & Leadership Exploration Program                    (posted February 17, 2017)

TALE Application Package



Sunday Spring Youth Basketball                   (posted February 16, 2017)



Westshore Rain Basketball                   (posted February 16, 2017)



Basketball Spring Camp 2017                  (posted February 16, 2017)



2017 Vancouver Island Parent Conference                    (posted February 16, 2017)



Force ‘in the know’- Westshore Feb 22 2017                    (posted February 16, 2017)



Vancouver Island Parent Conference 2017                    (posted February 9, 2017)



Chess Championship Flyer                    (posted February 3, 2017)



EMCS Community Office Program Newsletter                    (posted January 27, 2017)



Explore UVIC                    (posted January 27, 2017)



In The Know                    (posted January 27, 2017)



JDF Lacrosse 2017 – Registration                   (posted January 26, 2017)



SD62 Victoria Royals Night (click on picture to enlarge)

(Posted January 20, 2017)



Fentanyl and Fentanyl Related Overdoses                   (posted January 19, 2017)



EMCS School Schedule for Monday January 23th to Friday January 27th

(posted January 17, 2017)



Provincial Exam Week Information for January 2017                     (January 18, 2017)



Into the Spotlight ‘Little Mermaid’ Auditions                    (January 16, 2016)


Ashgirl (Royal Bay)

(January 13, 2017)



Academy Programs Registration (Hockey, Soccer, Dance, Equine)                   (January 13, 2017)



Hampton Registration 2017                     (January 13, 2017)



Skating in Colour (JDF)                   (January 13, 2017)



new-student-registration                    (January 4, 2017)



langford-minor-fastball                    (January 4, 2017)


fentanyl-related-parenting-tips                    (December 12, 2016)



a-celtic-christmas-concert                    (December 1, 2016)



rink-cycle-2-tickets-on-sale                    (December 1, 2016)



update-of-bcs-curriculum                    (posted November 30,2016)



christmas-light-up-celebration          (posted November 21, 2016)



sooke-santa-parade          (posted November 18, 2016)



metchosin-4-h          (posted November 17, 2016)




(posted October 28, 2016)



screenagers-special-screening                    (posted October 26, 2016)



halloween-message-to-parents                    (posted October 25, 2016)



parenting-without-power-struggles                    (posted October 24, 2016)



parents-in-the-know                    (posted October 24, 2016)



friday-night-social-dance-classes                    (posted October 21, 2016)



custodial-on-call-advertisement                    (posted October 20, 2016)



application-process-for-task                    (posted October 20, 2016)



noon-hour-supervisor-advertisement                    (posted October 19, 2016)



teens-and-drug-use-what-parents-need-to-know                   (posted October 14, 2016)



cheerleading-clothing-drive-fundraiser                 (posted October 14, 2016)



SD62 bus registration closure, refunds and passes  

(posted October 13, 2016)


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Please read the following email about the SD62 school bus carefully as it regards:

  • Registration closure
  • Refunds
  • Passes


Registration Closure


Registration for this 2016/2017 school year closes on Monday, October 17 at 9 p.m.

Due to a very high volume of riders, our buses are at or are nearing their capacities. All registration must be completed online. Please don’t wait until the very last minute to register! All registrations will be placed on a wait list. Link to online registration.


Those who registered outside of the registration window last spring are wait listed and may be asked to move to a different bus if the bus they currently ride is full. Riders not registered will not be allowed on the bus.




Our goal is to have all refunds completed by October 31.

Our Finance Department has processed more than 1000 refunds, but they still have nearly 1000 more to complete. The system was not designed to handle so many refunds at once, so there are daily limits to what we can put through for refunds. As a result, you may receive more than one refund. Please continue to check your credit card and bank statements for refund notification. Our goal is to have all refunds completed by October 31. You will receive your refund via the same method you paid, so by credit card or e-cheque.


Bus Passes – Middle and Secondary students only


Students must present their passes each time they load a bus. 

Permanent bus passes will be issued to registered riders over the next few weeks. Until then, please continue to use the temporary bus passes assigned. Drivers will be diligent in checking for these.


As always, thank you for your patience and understanding. It has been a learning experience for us all!


For questions or more information, please email bussing@sd62.bc.ca




Sooke School District




hoopfest-at-royal-bay                    (posted October 12, 2016)



parent-advisory-clown                  (posted October 11, 2016)




emcs-20th-anniversary-celebration                  (posted October 11, 2016)



spca-youth-program                    (posted October 5, 2016)



parent-engagement-letter                    (posted October 3, 2016)



belmont-basketball-event          (posted October 3, 2016)



My name is Michael Lo, a parent volunteer helping to organize junior chess events in BC.

The first official BC Chess Federation junior chess tournament of the season – 2016 BC Provincial Junior Championship – is happening at Lansdowne Centre in Richmond in the Remembrance Day long weekend, Nov. 11th – 13th, 2016. This is an excellent opportunity for juniors to meet over a chessboard, enhance their chess skills and make new friends in the spacious tournament halls.

The chess event is organized by the Chess2Inspire Association (non-profit registration #S-0062213) on behalf of the BC Chess Federation. We are a 100% volunteer base, registered non-profit organization, promoting chess to kids in BC through public libraries, elementary schools and tournaments.

This chess event is open to all kids in BC. Please see the info below:

Details of the event: http://chess2inspire.org/bc-junior-championship-tournament-2016
Event Flyer: http://chess2inspire.org/files/2016%20BC%20Junior%20Championship%20Flyer%20v1.pdf

Thanks in advance on behalf the junior chess community. Hope you have a great school year.

Thanks again,

Michael Lo
Chess2Inspire.org, VP-Operations
BC Chess Federation, Tournament Coordinator
Chess Federation of Canada, Voting Member (Governor)




youth-fit-swimming                    posted September 23, 2016



friday-night-social-dance-class                    posted September 23, 2016



adhd_parent_information_day                    posted September 23, 2016




posted September 23, 2016



sex-and-drugs          posted September 23, 2016



resilient-and-flourishing-kids             posted September 23, 2016



PACE Christmas Show

Rehearsals for the PACE Christmas show begin this Sunday, September 25th at the Isabelle Reader Theatre at Spencer School.

New students are welcome.

Grade 4-6 from 1-2 p.m.

Grades 7-12 from 2-5 p.m.



seaside-festival          posted-sep-8-2016



juan-de-fuca-skating-club          posted-sep-7-2016



2017 – 2018 School Calendar


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