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Career & Life Education

The new BC Curriculum ensures that students learn about career-life education throughout their graduation program. Through a blended learning model (during focus block and in academic classes, face to face group classes, face to face connection with a Careers Teacher and work online) students will learn various aspects of career education. They will be learning how
to find a balance between work and personal life which includes developing a network of family, friends, and community members to support and broaden their career awareness and options. Students will also learn how to be lifelong learners who can adapt to changing career opportunities as careers, education, and life opportunities change over time. Students will learn how to effectively career plan by considering both internal and external factors. They will discuss how the global economy affects our personal, social and economic lives and prospects. Overall, students will learn how successful career and educational paths require planning, evaluating and adapting.

CREDIT: 4    TYPE: Career & Life    GRADE: 10