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January 25, 2021 – January 29, 2021 all-day

Student Assessments

In order to graduate, students are now required to write two provincial assessments in grade 10: a Literacy Assessment and a Numeracy Assessment. The Literacy Assessment 12 is postponed this year.

So, ALL grade 10 students will write a Literacy and Numeracy Assessment this year.  They will do so in four windows: November 2-6, January 25 – 29, April 12 -16, and June 14-23.  Students will write these assessments with their Science 10 (Numeracy) and Social Studies 11 (Literacy) classes.  Grade 11 students that did not write their Numeracy and Literacy Assessment in Spring 2020 will also be scheduled to write their Assessments this year.   If you are scheduled to write during the current window we will send you an email. We strongly encourage you to look at the following link for further information and sample questions:

http://emcs.web.sd62.bc.ca/students/provincial-examinations-transcripts/. If you have any questions, please contact John Lyall (Vice Principal) at jlyall@sd62.bc.ca