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The school library is a facility for teachers to bring their classes to for research, borrowing materials, and computer use. As well, when space allows, individual students, with their teacher’s permission, may come to the library to do assignments, research, and chose leisure reading materials. Students who have spare blocks may use the library to work and study as space allows.

The library computers are primarily a support for classroom assignments. They are not for playing games, messaging friends, or personal email. Email may be used to send assignments and related information between school and home. All students have a computer logon and may print school related material and save files to their file on the EMCS server.

Library books are signed out for three week periods, with a maximum of three books at a time. Replacement cost is charged for lost books. Students may renew a library book without having the book with them.

Library hours are generally: 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.