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Ms. L. Fulton Principal lfulton@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. J. Lyall Vice-Principal  (Last names A-L) jlyall@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. T. Powell Vice-Principal  (Last names M-Z) tpowell@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. S. Jesson Counsellor  (Last names A-L) sjesson@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. A. Phipps Counsellor  (Last names M-Z & International) aphipps@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. L. Haug Office Manager lhaug@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. M. Smith Reception / Attendance msmith@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. T. Rowe-Boizard Records / Registration troweboizard@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. A. Scott Accounts ascott@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. M. Barrie Hockey Academy/PE mabarrie@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. E. Berlando Mathematics eberlando@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. E. Brady Pre-Calculus/Math ebrady@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. S. Caryk Culinary Arts scaryk@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. D. Clark Science/Math dvclark@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. L. Cossentine Career Centre/English/ Socials lcossentine@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. M. Curtis Peer Tutoring 12 mcurtis@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. N. Davies English ndavies@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. L. Dimock SPEDLA ldimock@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. B. Doniecki Mathematics bdoniecki@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. S. Dorran Science/Careers sdorran@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. E. Dudzik Active Living/PE edudzik@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. P. Gale Food Studies pgale@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. S. Garat Arts sgarat@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. M. Grenier French Immersion/French mgrenier@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. M. Harmeson Machining and Welding 12: TASK mharmeson@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. C. Hart Life/SPEDLA/Careers chart@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. M. Hogan English/Food Studies mhogan@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. K. Hunter Physical and Health Education khunter@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. D.  Kemp Math/Pre-Calculus/Physics dkemp@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. E. Kenworthy French ekenworthy@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. S. L’Heureux Creative Writing/New Media/Careers slheureux@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. E. Lutze Creative Writing/Photography/Textiles elutze@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. D. Martin Sciences dmartin@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. A. McCowan Creative Writing/New Media/English amccowan@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. I. McKenzie Comparitive Cultures/Socials imckenzie@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. L. McLellan Drama/Film/Theatre/Vocal Music lmclellan@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. P. McLellan Librarian pmclellan@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. C. Mullin Information Technology/Physics cmullin@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. J. O’Shea Woodwork joshea@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. L. Parliament Band lparliament@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. K. Schaefer Aboriginal Education kschaefer@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. T. Steadman Careers tsteadman@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. C. Stephens Spanish cstephens@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. K. Sudlow Law Studies/Genocide ksudlow@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. C. Vink Science cvink@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. R. Walker SPEDLA rwalker@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. R. Williams Spanish/Socials/Leadership rwilliams@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. B. Anderson Custodian boanderson@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. B. Armstrong Custodian barmstrong@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. M. Blakeborough Custodian mblakeborough@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. T. Blakeborough Custodian tblakeborough@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. S. Bowers Education Assistant sbowers@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. M. Curtis Education Assistant mbcurtis@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. P. Cooper Aboriginal Education pcooper@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. J. DeYaeger Aboriginal Education jdeyaeger@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. D. Ebert Supervision Assistant debert@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. T. Fogarty Education Assistant tfogarty@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. R. Francis Custodian rfrancis@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. E. Hill Library Assistant ehill@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. P. Homer Custodian phomer@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. S. Ireland Education Assistant sireland@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. D. Lajeunesse Education Assistant dlajeunesse@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. S. Letts Cook Teaching Kitchen sletts@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. L. Melvin Communication Facilitator cmelvin@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. A. Munsell Education Assistant amunsell@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. S. Percival Career Centre spercival@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. B. Radelfinger Education Assistant bradelfinger@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. T. Rehman Education Assistant trehman@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. B. Ryan TASK (2nd Semester only) bryan@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. S. Savoie Education Assistant ssavoie@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. M. Sigurdson Education Assistant msigurdson@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. I. Stromkins Supervision Assistant istromkins@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. P. Tallyn Supervision Assistant ptallyn@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. J. Trudel Education Assistant jtrudel@sd62.bc.ca
Ms. M. Willing Science Assistant mwilling@sd62.bc.ca
Mr. Y. Raymond Education Assistant ryee@sd62.bc.ca