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Edward Milne Community School is a vibrant, energetic and evolving place to work. It can be alternatively exhilarating and exhausting but it is never boring. I am always impressed by our students, not just by their capacity but by their friendly and accepting manner. With over 40 teachers, 20 support staff, 4 office staff and a community school, we have over 70 adults working in our building each day. As many of you are aware, we have some of the most talented people on our staff, people who are dedicated to ensuring that our students succeed in whatever path they have chosen. Just as important, we strive to create an environment that is calm, caring and supportive, where students feel valued and respected. We want our students to be proud of their school and feel like it is theirs. We don’t always succeed, but it is our goal every day that we come to work. We have in fact two official school goals. The second involves academic rigor so in addition to the Advanced Placement courses that we have offered for a number of years, we have introduced a wide variety of Dual Credit courses for our seniors. These have proven to be very popular and we are excited to continue on this path. We have also introduced Spanish and will be expanding our French Immersion offerings. Sports is also an important aspect of our school life. We have two sports academies, Soccer and Hockey, as well as a very strong basketball program, rugby teams and badminton teams. To help us celebrate our passion for sports, we have commissioned a massive mural in our gym, portraying our Wolverine mascot in a very impressive manner. Many things define our school, from our theatre programs, shops, art, culinary arts, fabric arts, and student services to our academic offerings. But sometimes it is the small things that define us: our whale skeleton hanging in the commons, how we try to recycle and compost, and how the vast majority of our students accept those of us who might be a little different. We place great value in our international program and are excited each year to have students from all over the world attend our school. I am very proud to be principal of this school and am always excited to do my part to help guide us forward.